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I have five years of experience in the wireless industry. I worked for companies like Verizon, T-Mobile and Samsung. I have done projects for Amazon Kindle, Fitbit, LG and Logitech. After leaving the wireless industry, I was in the car industry for six months. After my departure from the car industry I had began training in Social Media Marketing courses. I had decided to make Social Media Marketing a profession.

Social media marketing benefits business owners in many great ways. It helps bring an online presence for businesses. This helps create a good detailed and current update of what the business is doing on a day to day basis. What’s good is the fact with things like facebook, instagram, google marketing and etc. you (the business owner) can reach clients who are not following you on social media. Now some businesses may have a facebook page. Where the customers (the audience) is following the business (facebook) page but it may only be by the people who are current customers, friends or relatives of the business.

I reach out to new prospects by doing “target marketing.” By target marketing I can reach out to prospects by geographical demographics, age group, interests and etc. By creating attention grabbing ads and content I create a new following which converts into new clientele.

Social Media
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