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17010 7 Pines Drive #100, Spring, TX 77379, USA

Financial Advisor / Insurance Agent for 28 years. Member of the Society of Certified Senior Advisors (has more to do with Seniors than with money). Specialize in investments with stocks, bonds, funds, ETF’s etc. Insurance specialty is Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage, Long Term Care, Life Insurance and Major Medical Insurance.
Hot Tip #1. 66% of American workers buy their lunch out spending $2,000 a year that could cost their retirement $202,146.
Hot Tip #2. 50% of American workers spend $1,000 a year on take out coffee that could cost their retirement $101,073.
1. Source: Merrill Edge Report, Fall 2012
2. Source: Accounting Principals, Workonomix survey, January 2012.
Assumes a rate of 7% over 30 years.
Hot Tip #3. Many common stocks have dividends that pay way more than the banks. Almost all preferred stocks do, and they usually pay larger dividends than the common stocks.

My Network Texas HOME Chapter is:
Health Insurance Enrollment

Please allow me some space to give credit for the great service I received from Ted Lukeman. I recently ask Ted to help get Insurance through the Health Insurance Market Place.Whether we were applying online or by phone there was always a road block through the entire process;most people would have given up and tell me to go find another Insurance Agent but Ted stayed the course.After almost a month we finally got hold of the help we needed and got me the Insurance I surely needed.
Ted, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart and your amazing work in helping me get Medical and Dental Insurance with Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Texas.
Your Client,

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Trusted Advisor with experience to boot!

Ted is a great financial advisor with years of experience helping clients manage their portfolio’s and building for the future.
If you’re looking for someone who has seen changes in the market over the years and will help manage your expectations, look no further than this veteran who continues to serve this community.

Trust Ted

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Financial advisor

I had the pleasure to meet with Ted Lukeman, on a one on one and was completely impressed with his knowledge and how deeply he cares for his clients. I would highly recommend Ted for your future financial investment needs:)

Dean DiBassie

First Choice Loan Services

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Ted is a caring man of character

It doesn’t take long, when you first meet Ted Lukeman, to perceive that he is a man of good character. I’d say it’s one of the most important attributes to look for when you’re relying on a person to advise you about your wealth. After all you’ve worked hard to acquire and keep it. Ted has a lot of knowledge, as evidenced by his numerous licenses, but it’s more than that. He gets intrigued and excited by the challenge of staying current with the global economy and looking for signs overlooked by others. He’s a continuous learner and approaches the hunt for trends with the zeal of youth and the wisdom of experience.
Ted is dedicated to his clients and takes his responsibility for the integrity of your investments seriously. You can’t go wrong with Ted Lukeman.

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Ted Lukeman 4 years ago
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