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Welcome to Go To Nancy Professional Organizing. If you sometimes feel overwhelmed, distracted or stressed, if you would like to have more time to relax and enjoy life, or to simply clear some clutter or organize a desk top or bookcase, Go To Nancy can help you organize your life. More time, energy, space, freedom, productivity, enjoyment, tranquility, efficiency, control and creativity are but a few of the benefits you will enjoy from working with Go To Nancy.


Residential – Decluttering, kitchen, closet, book case, bathroom, home office, and other areas of the home.
Small Business – Filing and storage systems, desk-top, book case, filing cabinet organization.
Paper Management – Sort and categorize paperwork, filing, printed material organization, recycling.
Downsizing – Personal and business downsizing, pre-move and pre-real estate listing sort, purge, keep, pass on, donate, sell, recycle.

Go To Nancy will organize your life, show you how to get organized, give you organization tips, and organizing ideas which will help you with decluttering and staying organized, bringing time, space, ease & freedom to your life.

The creation and success of Go To Nancy is the product of the experience and skills that Nancy gained through her career, homemaker, volunteer and other life roles — all of which involved a substantial amount of commitment, dedication, patience, responsibility and, most importantly, love — all attributes of Go To Nancy.

Nancy has enjoyed careers in the social-service field, primarily as a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor and in non-profit program management, as well as in the business arena in small business management. The passion and effectiveness with which Nancy provided assistance, support and guidance to those she served in her social-service career, and the skills and expertise she developed in her business career have impacted her success in working with her Go To Nancy clients.

Nancy has been a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and the NAPO Houston chapter since 2008.

Nice & Neat

Do you have a desktop that you can’t see? A closet that you’re scared to open because you know that stuff will fall on you when you Do? Or a drawer that you can’t close after you open because it’s overflowing with stuff?

Nancy is your Go To gal! She can help you clean out those places and get you organized! She’ll help you get these put away…Nice and Neat!

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