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3751 Rocky Ledge Ln, Katy, TX 77494, United States
3751 Rocky Ledge Lane Katy Texas 77494 US

As a former Litigation Legal Assistant/Secretary for law firms in the Houston area, I knew how much clients were being overcharged. I always wondered how anyone could ever afford the bills I sent to clients on the attorneys’ behalf. I knew there had to be a better, more affordable way for the average person to have access to the justice system.

Welcome to LegalShield! LegalShield is a 44 yr. old, A+ BBB Rated company that provides 3.8 million members (Individuals, Families, and Businesses) access to the highest quality law firms with very experienced AV Rated Attorneys in EVERY area of law, in EVERY state.

LegalShield’s requirements of experienced attorneys in their network are much more rigorous than you would find in a traditional law firm, yet the cost is much lower because of group buying power.

A LegalShield membership for an entire family (including thousands of MemberPerk discounts on food, clothes, travel, electronics, & more) is only $19.95 per month. That’s just 66 cents per day!

Our Identity Theft Protection and Restoration Service protects you and your family in all 5 areas of Identity Theft: Medical, Driver’s License, Social Security, Criminal, and Credit. (Your bank’s identity theft protection may help in credit identity theft, which is only 20% of identity theft cases, but can’t help you with the other 4 forms of identity theft). IDShield’s licensed investigators will restore your identity back to where it was if you or family members are ever a victim. The cost is only $9.95 per month for an individual or $19.95 per month for a family.

There is a small cost to have the membership, but an even larger cost to NOT have the membership when you understand what the service does. I have had the membership for 12 years and would never want to be without it. It is for EVERYONE!

The following is a 4-minute video that shows how the service works:

The following flier shows 101 examples of real life situations (both trivial and traumatic) where you would use the service, saving you money and helping with the outcome of your situation:

For more information and to enroll, go to

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