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We help you get new customers through social media – we do the traffic for you (we manage 1.1 million Instagram followers)

Getting in touch with your newest prospect can be difficult. Small businesses general first step is getting on social media in hopes they will be “found”.

Instead of hoping you will be found, our agency focuses on you being found locally and on the internet through Instagram (Instagram currently has 700 million active users monthly in 2017)

We are a “Done For You” traffic agency where we do the time taxing activities so you don’t have to.

Our average client from a brand new account gets anywhere from 500 to 5,000+ new followers per month on Instagram.

  • You get more Instagram Followers that you can connect with, sell to, generate referrals from (plus you keep them even if disconnected from our service)
  • Average client spends about 10min a week or less (posting 1-2 photos a week)
  • We can geo-target, which means we can build you a following based only in Houston or Texas (majority of followers will be local to you)
  • We will be your social media department which will probably outproduce any other form of social media traffic within a couple months

The simple process to generating new customers on Instagram:

  1. Post interesting content about you and/or your business
  2. Engage with your audience by directly messaging them and directly commenting back to them
  3. Instruct your audience to connect with you and click your link in your bio for more information

Small businesses get this wrong because they aren’t growing their audience so they are “preaching to the choir” and not getting new people to see their sales, offers, and products.

We solve this by “INCREASING YOUR AUDIENCE” so that when post anything you have people (many new) will get to hear about you and how you can help them.

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Internet Marketing Workshop 12 months ago
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