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After having kids about 10 years ago, Vikki slowly started to gain weight and soon developed a thyroid condition, coupled with high cholesterol and blood pressure she tried many different diets, but none seemed to be working, so her next step was to undergo weight loss surgery. Just about a week before she was supposed to have her first consult with the surgeon, Vikki met someone that recommended Ideal Protein, so she decided to give it one last try before going under the knife.

“I was told 7 days. That’s all you need to see how you like it. At my first weigh-in I lost 5 pounds! It was so simple to follow the protein supplement feeds your muscles and you get to eat real food. The next week I went back in and I was another four pounds down,” explained Vikki.

After three weeks, Vikki had lost nearly 15 pounds; she now weighs under 150 pounds and is at her ideal weight. Amazed at the results, Vikki wanted to spread the word to others in the community who were looking for a healthy weight loss plan, so she decided to start her own business that focused on Ideal Protein. Since the program required a doctor’s supervision, Vikki began looking for a local physician. It didn’t take long until she found Dr. Atif Shahzad, MD, a Gastroenterologist who was already familiar with Ideal Protein after hearing about it at a conference. Impressed with the program, Dr. Shahzad became the supporting doctor behind Texas Last Diet.

“It will be the last diet they do,” said Vikki. “There are a ton of diets out there that will help you lose weight, but this one will follow you through your entire life. If people follow it 100 percent, it works. When you are committed and you see the results each week, it keeps you motivated. People need to know about this program.”

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I’ve never been a big dieter, but when the pants started getting too tight (again), I decided it was time to do SOMETHING! I heard Vikki speak at a Network Texas Woodlands meeting and she had me convinced. My wife and I signed up the very next day. The program was easy to follow and there is a ton of support both by Vikki’s team and by the educational videos that are in your inbox every morning.

It’s very easy to stay with the program, and they have lots of great recipes to help you avoid “dieting burnout” from eating the same (or similar things) things everyday.

I blew past my initial goal of losing 30 pounds and decided to go for 40! 46 pounds later, I’m through the program (in 97 days) and couldn’t be happier with the way I look and the way I feel.

The entire program helped me change the way I think about food and what i put into my body. Great job, Vikki!!

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After IP Diet Small.JPG 7 months ago by Tom Brodie in EASY and FAST Results
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