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Reverse Mortgages are neither good nor bad, just another financial Home Equity tool available to those 62 years of age or more, in Texas, for refinance or purchase.   It is not for every household.  It does fit many, but the homeowner(s) need to be educated on all aspects of the loan, and how it fits or does not fit them, their current/future property needs.  Education is absolutely the first, most important step.  Much has changed in the last few years but none bigger than 2015 this FHA insured product/program, the borrower(s) (and property) must now financially qualify for the loan.  It is a first lien and the homeowner(s) are the owner of record for the ownership of the property, not the lender!   Reverse mortgages are different but when investigated, educated, informed, can be the exact resource/tool you have for “wants” or “needs” to be able to retire better.  Please call me, so we can have a basics and information gathering conversation, to then decide if a phone or face to face is warranted to go over all the facts and figures, specific to your age and property.  Thanks

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