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Do you have a safety net? Are you prepared for unexpected out-of-pocket costs? With rising premiums do you have the money to pay for your everyday expenses if you were to get in an accident or be faced with an illness? Aflac pays cash to help with unexpected out-of-pocket costs, which can keep you, your employees and their families financially secure.

Accident Insurance- provides coverage for untimed events for Concussion, Fractures, Burns, Lacerations and much more.

Critical Illness – provides coverage for Heart Attack, Stroke, Intensive Care and much more.

Cancer Insurance – provides coverage for both Internal/Invasive cancer along with Non-Invasive skin cancers.  Statistic show 1 in 2 males in their lifetime will get cancer and 1 in 2 females will in their lifetime get cancer.  Cancer doesn’t discriminate it affects children to grown adults.

Life Insurance – Term, Whole and Juvenile – no one like to speak of death, however many people know they need it, 4 in 10 have it and say they need more and if you have children this can be a perfect way to protect them right away after day 14 (or after released from hospital) up to age 17 and coverage on Whole life it doubles at age 18 yrs no increase in premium, because this builds cash value this can help with college tuition or downpayment on their first home. Juvenile Term – coverage until 25 at that time they can convert to a permanent policy at no more than double face amount of the current policy. This all without evidence of insurability. This will protect them if they develop a medical condition at a young age, usually making them uninsurable as an adult cost-prohibitive or impossible to obtain, he or she would still have coverage.

Dental- provides coverage for cleaning, X-rays and other major dental work.


For a Business with 3 or more we can get you reduced rates that are 40-50% off our direct policies. What’s great about this is you have additional benefits offered such as Short Term Disability and Hospital which is not offered in our Direct plans.

Groups of 200 plus can get an even deeper discount.

Want to learn more?  Reach out to me at 832.877.3858 a no cost (just time) consultation to help you understand how we can be another way to get you and your family protected.

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$0.00 to $50.00
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