Review: Art Cares


Art Cares about You first and then how he can help you keep more of your money.

We have known Art for many years and were finally able to attend one of his workshops. I knew my little 401K was more the size of a poor little 201K but Art didn’t mind helping me with it and making sure it is in the right type of investments for me and that I understood what they were.

It is so nice to know someone that cares and can help you with your investments no matter what size they are. He keeps me very informed on how they are doing and what is going on in the market. I do have to say if you ever get a chance to attend one of his workshops to change whatever plans you think are important and GO.

Update: That poor little 201K has almost doubled since he has been helping us. Thank You, Art.

Gail Randolph

Overall rating

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