Review: Allan Berger, V.P. Arriba Communications


I have known Art for a couple of years and have found we share many similar thought processes (since we were both engineers in our early careers) and similar family values. ¬†Recently, I had an opportunity to attend one of Art’s financial seminars. I have attended other seminars but was taken back by both how Art presented his material and what he did not do. His presentation did not end with an opportunity to buy materials such as CDs, DVDs, workshop or related information books or anything. Art’s objective was a low key effort to educate, or at least familiarize, those attending with an informative overview of the many opportunities and pitfalls when trying to secure one’s financial future.

While I have considered myself fairly knowledgeable about many of the available products that address financial planning for the future, Art’s presentation made me aware of some of what I did not know and should know. Even if a person feels confident that they have a comfortable financial plan in place, I recommend attending one or more of Art’s financial seminars (different subjects are covered at each) and following up with a one-on-one meeting with him. As I learned, I didn’t know what I didn’t know until I listened to Art. Time well spent.


Overall rating

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