Review: Saved Precious Memories!


Brian not only helps people with applications, he can also recover “lost data”!

I had an old computer that had crashed years ago, but since it still had my son’s photos from a student trip he made to Australia in 2004, I hung onto it. Kinda like Ted Williams, I always thought “Someday I’ll find someone” that can bring these old pictures back from a “dead” hard drive. (This was WAAAAYYYY before cloud backup!)

Well, Brian **IS** that “guy”. When I say an old hard drive, this is back from the “Windows ME” days. Anyone remember that? Brian does! He was able to recover all the pictures, in the original directory structure, and he gave them to me on a CD only days after I gave him the old desktop computer (without power cord or anything)!

It was pretty amazing to see these photos, from 2004, in all their glory! I sent one to my son via email and he was astonished that anyone could still work with hardware that old (at least one “hardware generation” ago), much less recover the photos!

If you have any computer or “data integration” challenges, Brian is the guy you should talk to…..just don’t wait 13 years to do it!

Overall rating

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