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Cooling for your Family – You would love to enjoy your patio more in the summer with friends and family if it wasn’t for the heat, mosquitoes, and flies!  The memories that could be made if more time was enjoyed in your backyard oasis.

Cooling for Your Pets – You know your pets enjoy the outdoors more than staying in your house all day while you are away. But the summertime can be dangerous for our furry members of the family. Having a cool place for them to enjoy while your away is critical.

Cooling for your Employees – Happy employees are more productive employees! And the best way to do this for those working in areas that regular AC is practical or too costly is for Cooling fans. Like warehouses, shops, auto garages and any area that cooling is desired.

Sporting Events – It’s vital to keep our athletes cool and not developing heat strokes, whether its game day or just practice time, having a cooling relief station is vital.

Keep away Mosquitoes and Flies – This coming year could be a bumper crop of mosquitoes. Besides not being fun getting stung by these pesty creators, a safe way to discourage these pests is with cooling fans that oscillate.  See this article from the New York Times “A Low-Tech Mosquito Deterrent
A KoolAuf Oscillating Fan will Help Keep the Mosquitos away

Have a Hard to Cool Area in your Home or Office – Sometimes even with the best air conditioning, we still have areas in our homes and office that need that extra help in cooling and heating. Let us show you our affordable and economical to operate mini-split units for those hard to cool or heat areas. You will be glad you did!


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