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Financial Advisor / Insurance Agent for 28 years. Member of the Society of Certified Senior Advisors (has more to do with Seniors than with money). Specialize in investments with stocks, bonds, funds, ETF’s etc. Insurance specialty is Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage, Long Term Care, Life Insurance and Major Medical Insurance.
Hot Tip #1. 66% of American workers buy their lunch out spending $2,000 a year that could cost their retirement $202,146.
Hot Tip #2. 50% of American workers spend $1,000 a year on take out coffee that could cost their retirement $101,073.
1. Source: Merrill Edge Report, Fall 2012
2. Source: Accounting Principals, Workonomix survey, January 2012.
Assumes a rate of 7% over 30 years.
Hot Tip #3. Many common stocks have dividends that pay way more than the banks. Almost all preferred stocks do, and they usually pay larger dividends than the common stocks.

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