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Never let a funeral home or cemetery take advantage of your family again. Funeral Negotiators makes the funeral industry compete for the opportunity to serve our clients. We educate families in crisis, help them decide what to do, then we help them select the right funeral home and cemetery; then we make the funeral home and cemetery compete to serve our clients. We are paid a percentage of what we save your family, on the honor system. No savings = No fee. Families love our service. In 1994, Ken saved his first client $9,900. Recently Funeral Negotiators saved a family over $31,000 when their loved one died in a tragic accident. The family called us for the first time from the cemetery. In less than four hours we saved them $31,000. If you need cemetery property, even at the time of death, the Cemetery Cooperative is our mapping and photo database of properties available from selling families at half price. Families save not just thousands, but often tens of thousands of dollars. Avoid life-time regrettable mistakes. When your family is dealing with the funeral industry, you have no idea what you are up against. It is a very effective, methodical, sales game that manipulates your family into over-spending. Price gouging is the norm, not the exception. You need an experienced coach on your side in this very ruthless game that takes advantage of your family when you are most vulnerable.

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