Review: One on One with Stan the Legal Man



I just have to say “*I appreciate you being true to yourself person.*” It was a pleasure getting to know you better and I think what you offer people is valuable and is reasonable in price. It is too late once things happen to you not to have a lawyer, but being prepared for the unexpected with your products can give your clients a sense of security – knowing that all the services Legal Shield provides can help them from being compromised. It is a small world – the people you and I know in common networking groups. This is why you never want to say anything bad which is “slander” because you never know how they may know someone you know. Better to keep things on the up and up then to have to explain. Respect is earned it is not given… I stand by this. I give Respect where respect is given. Thanks for your time and I look forward to the day when I will be able to be a client.

Overall rating

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