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Revised July 28, 2018

We have changed the Network Texas Calendar. And now all Network¬†Texas Members can add THEIR events to the calendar. NOTE: Any 3rd party events by anyone or company that isn’t a Network Texas member that addition MUST be approved ahead of time or the event will be taken down. Please send your request to calendar@networktexas.biz

How to Add your Event to the Calendar

  1. Below is a screen show of the calendar to a visitor not logged into their Network Texas account. The “Add New Event” button is missing.
    Adding Your Event to Network Texas Calendar Step1
  2. This screenshot shows the same area but the visitor is now logged into their Network Texas Account and the “Add New Event” button is showing.
    Adding Your Event to Network Texas Calendar Step2
  3. Once you click the Add New Event button the following page will appear.
    (A) Event title – provide a short title for the event.
    (B) Start – This is when the event will start please add date and time
    End – PLEASE ad an End time otherwise the calendar will not display correctly.
    (C) Place/location – Where is the event going to take place? Add the name of location here.
    (D) Event address – This the address of the event
    (E) Recommend you add some sort of image to the event, as it will attract¬†more attention when someone “mouses over the event link on the calendar.
    (F) The last box (not shown) is where you add information about this event. Be as descriptive as possible.
    (G) Once you have everything set the way you want it, click the “Save & Continue” button, and the calendar will go live immediately.
    Adding Your Event to Network Texas Calendar Step3

END OF TUTORIAL – If you found this tutorial helpful, please give a thumbs up!


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