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revised December 24, 2018

    1. Only current Network Texas Members can add to the Network Texas Calendar. And you must be logged in to your account to have this privilege (How to Login to my account). Once you are logged in Click on Calendar on Main Menu  as shown below in the example.

      Adding Your Event to the NetworkTexas Calendar Step1

    2. On the Calendar page, you will now see a new button you normally wouldn’t see if you were not logged in. The “Add New Event” button. Just click it.

      Adding Your Event to the Network Texas Calendar Step2
    3. Event Setup – Is the next page you will see the form to fill out
      A) Event title field – What is the title of this Event?
      B) Start Date – Provide a Start Date and Time (even though the time field is optional you do need to provide the starting time)
           End Date – Provide an End Date and Time as well. (if you do not, this event will be an all-day event.)
      C) Place/Location – Where is your event going to be located? 
      D) Event Address – Please provide the address of those that wish to attend.

      Adding  Your Event to the Network Texas Calendar Step3
    4. To grab the attention we strongly suggest you add an image to go along with your Calendar Event. The picture added here is the image that will show up when someone mouses over the Calendar Item, otherwise only text will appear and make it less appealing. You can “Click” in the box or “drag and drop” an image. We do recommend you size your pictures before uploading them.

      Adding Your Event to the Network Texas Calendar Step4

    5.  Event Description – The description box is where you will provide all the details of your event.
      Adding Additional Images – (for advanced users) Yes you CAN add additional images in the description box, BUT those images must be on the internet someplace, you will need to know the URL of that specific image (not the webpage!). When you click the little image icon in the description box toolbar an “Insert/edit image” box will appear.  File in the URL (web address where that image you wish to use resides) the Image Description and the size of the image in pixels. Important, make sure to use https:// to start the image address with, NOT http://
      (if you do not know what any of this means, do not attempt to add an additional image in the description box)

      Adding Your Event to the Network Texas Calendar Step5

    6. Once you have created your perfect and appealing calendar click the Save & Continue Button.

      Adding Your Event to Network Texas Calendar Step6
    7. If the event you are adding is providing tickets, you can an “Create Event Ticket” and next can add tickets to your event. If you do not wish to use or you have set up your Event Ticket click Continue to Registration.

      Adding Your Event to Network Texas Calendar Step7

    8. Event Registration – On the following page will allow you to enter Registration Start and end date/time. If you do not wish to have registration or you have finished setting up Event Registration, then click on Continue to Dashboard.

      Adding Your Event to Network Texas Calendar Step8
    9. On the Dashboard page you can manage your listing. At this point you are finished, and your Event will now be shown on the Network Texas dashboard.
      Adding Your Event to Network Texas Calendar Step9


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