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Network Texas Coffee SponsorThe Tomball Chapter offers any Network Texas Member or Guest

Coffee is normally $3 a cup for all members with free refills. However when we have a Coffee Sponsor all in attendance get to drink coffee “on you”! You are the Hero of the day!

What You Recieve for being the Coffee Sponsor:

  • You’ll be able to give a 4 Minute Commercial about your business, yourself or most anything you would like to speak about in your 4 minutes.
    If you sign up at least 7 days in advance we will do the following:
  • A display sign will be printed and set by the Coffee pot to let all members know you are the Coffee Sponsor for that Friday.
  • You will be listed on the Calendar as the Coffee Sponsor for that week.
  • You will be mentioned at a Friday meeting as the future Coffee Sponsor (if you sign up in advance enough)
  • We will send out an Email the Day before to inform our BIG List members you are the Coffee Sponsor with a link to your Network Texas Business Directory listing.

How do I schedule & Pay?

Simply go to the Network Texas Calendar and find the Friday which you would like to be the Coffee Sponsor. Click the link and then the “Register Now!” button and pay. You will be paying Network Texas, and Network Texas will be paying Brautigams Bar-n-Grill since they provide the coffee.

Coffee Sponsor: $50 plus Sales Tax ($54.13) for Network Texas Members

Remember Sign Up EARLY for best promotion!

In the Event, a Meeting is Cancelled 

Should Network Texas have to Cancel a Tomball Chapter meeting because the meeting facility is not available. Or for reasons beyond our control, we will issue you a full refund or move you to another available Friday.


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