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How to Add Your Deal to the “Network Texas Deals!” Page

The purpose of the Deals section of the Network Texas website is to allow our Current Members to make offers not only to the Members of Network Texas but also the general public. Anyone accessing the Network Texas website will be able to see the Deals on the home page and on the “Deals page”.

Recommendation – BEFORE adding your deal, have your artwork for your image ready if you have to hire a  graphic designer to create your Deal image (recommend final image to be in this format extension “.png”) Recommended main image size 500 Pixels wide Minimum and 850 Pixels wide Maximum.

Recommend You Change Deals Once a Month! To keep your “Deals” from becoming ‘stale’ change your deal once per month. And feel free to add your deal to the Network Texas Facebook page (but only Once! per deal).

Step by Step Guide to help you set up your Deal on the Network Texas Website.
Since you have to be a Member to Add a Deal, that means you do have to log in to your Network Texas Membership account. Forgot your password? Read this FAQ: Resetting Your Network Texas Password

Step 1) On your “My Account” page, click on the “Deals” tab.

Adding a Deal  to Network Texas Deals page Step 1

Step 2) Add Image – Now once on the “Offer Special Deals on the Network Texas Site” page. For your main image, click in the box or drag and drop the image you wish to use for this deal. And it will auto Upload.

Adding a Deal  to Network Texas Deals page Step 2

Step 3) Overlay Title to Image – While you do need to use a Title of your Deal the option to “Overlay” the title to your image, well is optional. So, if you want an overlay A) Type in the Title field what you want it to say (required regardless) and B) The Title layout is basically the transparent overlay and you have two choices, white letters on a dark transparent overlay or black text on a white transparent overlay. You will just have to test it to see what looks better, or even if you wish to use it at all.

Adding a Deal  to Network Texas Deals page Step 3

Step 4) Description and details box – This is the box that will add the text or your offer below your image. Remember the image is going to catch the persons attention, the text is going to convenience them to take action on your offer. So remember you are 1) solving a problem 2)  providing the benefits to the potential customer 3) Asking them to take action, aka “Call to Action” That is what you want in this box. 

Adding a Deal  to Network Texas Deals page Step 4

Step 5 Optional) Additional Image as required. Recommend you not place more than 2 here, otherwise it could distract from your offer. Remember the purpose of the Deal is to get them interested and then launch them to your offer page on your website or call or email you.
TIP: You could use a QR code here, and have it link to any web page or download a document of some sort.
Here are a few Online QR Code generators you can use, not recommending any particular one, just have a look. Generate your QR Code (or barcode) and then that will take the site visitor to your offer. You might want to consider a Dynamic QR Code. Once the QR code is created you can change the where the QR code leaders the prospect. And provides stats on how many people have looked at your offer and other niceties. This usually means a paid account, however. 
QR Code Generator Freee Online
QR Stuff.com
QR Code Generator

Adding a Deal  to Network Texas Deals page Step 5

Step 6)  Click the A) Save button at the bottom, and this will instantly take your Deal Live on the Deals page.
When you are ready to change out your Deal simple click the Delete button to totally delete your offer.

Adding a Deal to Network Texas Deals page Step 6



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