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Membership Agreement – Terms And Conditions

Your membership is subject to acceptance of an agreement with all of the terms and conditions instituted by Network Texas USA. In this agreement, “Company”, “we”, “our”, “us”, and “Network Texas” mean Network Texas USA and “you or your” means you the member or the applicant.

  • Network Texas arranges the meeting location for the chapter meetings. Members and applicants are notified of the meeting location in advance via the online calendar.
  • The meetings are held based on chapter location. Check the online calendar for time and locations.
  • If a meeting does not occur for any reason beyond our control, Network Texas will have no liability to you or anyone.
  • Chapter sizes will vary. Network Texas will not have any responsibility to any member regarding the size of any chapter.
  • Attendance at the meetings is a privilege and not a requirement. Members are encouraged to attend and participate in at least a minimum of 75% of the scheduled meetings. You should arrive on time and stay until the end of the meeting.
  • Members and applicants are expected to be productive and active participants.
  • Members are encouraged to make contact and do business with each other and other referred parties, however, direct solicitation, email and phone campaigns to individual members or groups of members or to their place of business are strictly prohibited unless otherwise approved by each individual member.
  • Membership is nontransferable. If a member resigns Network Texas has no responsibility to refund any portion of the fees paid.
  • All Members give permission to give Network Texas the right to perform a background check, should the Network Texas Board of Directors deem it to be necessary.
  • Your membership begins on the day you have submitted and paid your membership dues. There is no cost for up to two guest visits.
  • Tomball Chapter – All Network Texas Members may participate, regardless of Chapter affiliation, in the Tomball Chapter as much as you like. However, you must be a Member of the Tomball Chapter or an All Access Member to give a Spotlight.
  • Website Access Only – Members or only allowed to participate on the Network Texas Site only. Website Access Only members can visit as a Guest two times to each Chapter.
  • All Access Members – Must claim their Home Chapter, but can attend as many chapters and as often as they like for the Main Contact and two other contacts designated by the Main Contact. The two Contacts MUST be added to their Membership account.
  • If a member violates the rules of attendance or participation, is found soliciting business from members in a non-ethical way, falsely represents himself or herself during Network Texas meetings or activities or is perceived to be acting unethically in any form toward any member of Network Texas or the host location then membership can be canceled. The membership fee is nonrefundable for violation.
  • Membership commitment is for 12 months minimum and is renewable on an annual basis. Network Texas offers as a convenience a quarterly payment option. If a member elects to pay quarterly, the commitment is for a minimum of 12 months, after which quarterly payments will continue to be charged.  If after the first 12 months of membership, a member decides to cancel, the member must provide a 10 business day cancellation notice using the Cancellation form in their Network Texas website Dashboard, otherwise, membership fees will continue to be charged. This cancellation policy applies to all member payment options.
  • Payment of Network Texas Membership dues. Must be made online using either a credit card, Mastercard or Visa Debit card. No checks or cash is accepted.
  • Storage of Credit Cards for Membership Renewal. Network Texas does not store any credit/debit card information on our site other than the brand of card, last 4 digits, and expiration date. All other card information is stored with our card processing service Stripe. Network Texas staff members are unable to confirm the card information other than the very limited information we keep on site.
  • Automatic Payments. If you wish to store your card in your Network Texas account and you give Network Texas approval to charge your stored card for Membership dues, your Membership dues invoice will be automatically paid on the due date. Unless you have elected to have Network Texas automatically charge your card, you must manually pay your Membership Dues invoice on or before the due date.
  • Membership renewal is not guaranteed. Network Texas reserves the right to discontinue membership at renewal time or after renewal time.
  • Confidentiality regarding any interaction among members and applicants is an absolute requirement. You are required to maintain confidentiality to abide by Federal, state and local laws, securities trading and compliance, contracts and regulations.
  • In acceptance of Network Texas membership the member assumes the risk of participation in meetings and events, releases the Company from all liability resulting from participation, understands the Company is not making any guarantees as to financial benefit, safety in relation to any participation, accepts that Network Texas has the discretion to admit members, and releases Network Texas and affiliates from all liabilities.
  • Network Texas is not an exclusive networking group.  Members of the same profession may have unique areas of specialty. We believe that quality groups do include overlap between professions and that some of the best referrals come from members of the same profession.  Although individual members may offer a broad range of services or specialty areas, each member should join under one area of specialty.  Membership acceptance is ultimately the decision of Network Texas, not the individual member.
  • Network Texas membership also includes the participation of our marketing materials such as testimonials, images, videos, and presentations. Member grants the company the rights and permissions to use the member’s name, company name, photo, statements, and industry information in all current and future media, in perpetuity.
  • Use of Network Texas membership lists. Any use of Network Texas member lists and/or Network Texas member contact information including email lists whether in hardcopy or electronic format is strictly prohibited without prior approval. Membership lists are for the use of Chapter Leaders and Network Texas authorized staff members to communicate chapter meetings and other related Network Texas program activities. If a member wishes to distribute a message or announcement to his or her chapter, the member must first prepare the message and send it to [email protected] for approval. The message, announcement and/or the activity must relate to the overall objective of the Network Texas mission and membership objective.  Distribution of messages or announcements without prior approval is subject to immediate revocation of membership. Network Texas reserves the right to not distribute emails or any communication that is deemed not applicable to Network Texas membership objectives.
  • All members are expected to present themselves in a professional manner when dealing with the Company or with other members. Anyone that doesn’t present themselves in an honorable and professional manner is subject to voiding their membership in Network Texas.
  • We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, and you agree to abide by the most recent version of these Membership Terms.

These Terms and Conditions are an agreement with Network Texas that is governed by and enforceable under the laws of the State of Texas.

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