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The Network Texas Board has made the decision to lower all Members Rates effective on July 1, 2018.

Beginning with your NEXT payment “due date” post July 1, 2018, your Membership will drop to $188 a year (since memberships are for 1 year) and will have 4 quarterly payment options of $47 per quarter (every 3 months).
You have the option to change from Quarterly to Annual or Annual to Quarterly at any time, this change will take place on your next due date.

This change also coincides with our new Membership billing system we switched to officially on July 5, 2018.

As previously announced in January 2018, All Network Texas Members can attend any Chapter. All we ask is you select your home Chapter via your Network Texas Account. See this article (How To) “How to Select Your Home Network Texas Chapter“.


NOTE: Grandfathered Members – Your rate has not changed.

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