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NOTE: Since our change to our new Membership Billing System on July 5, 2018, this is now inaccurate information.

This page will be updated when time permits.

You will receive several email notices before your membership is due, and if you didn’t pay by the due date, you will have a grace period of only 21 days past due date to pay your membership dues. You will receive several email past due. At 21 Dates your membership will be canceled.

Details of when those emails go out will be added as soon as we can.



If you just joined Network Texas and you are paying your Annual Membership (all memberships are set as Annual regardless of payment schedule)  with Quarterly Payments and you just received another email notice of your next payment, there must be something wrong! Well, no, not really, let me explain how our automation for billing purposes works (Network Texas can’t exist without automation).

INVOICE Schedule of Events

New Invoices (All Membership Invoices are Due 1st of the Month)

10th of the Month – Quarterly and Annual Invoices for membership are generated for the next month’s Membership Dues.

So for an example on October 10th, all Invoices for November are generated. (this gives you the member plenty of time to plan for the payment).

So for an example, let’s say you joined in Network Texas August 18. And then on the 10th of October, you will get a notice of your invoice with a due Date in November because your renewal day is in November.

If you have a credit card on file your invoice will be paid on the Invoice Due Date in November for your November – January membership period.

All Due Invoices Are Processed – on the due day shown on the Invoice. Since this is automation, even if the due date is a holiday, it will process.


1st Reminder – 3 days before Due Date – First Reminder that you have an Invoice that is coming up close to its Due Date. Think of this as a “heads up” notice, especially if you have to manually login and pay your invoice. If you have a credit/debit card on file think of it is an FYI notice as your invoice will auto pay IF you given Network Texas to automatically pay your invoice.

2nd Reminder – 3 Days Past Due – Sent to all Members that have Invoices that are 3 days past due.  Payment was missed either by you not electing to have your card remain on file to auto-pay your invoices when you signed up, or your card was declined or has expired. Please log in as soon as possible and pay the invoice manually and make any updates to your card on file that is needed.

3rd Reminder  15 Days Past Due  – Last Notice you will receive that you have a Past Due Invoice. We will most likely not call you and ask. It is up to you to log in and pay the invoice or log in to your Network Texas account and cancel your membership (form at bottom of the “My Dashboard”).


30 or more Days Past Due – All Members that have outstanding invoices that are 30 days or more past due will have their B.I.G. Membership automatically Cancelled. An email will be sent to you to let you know the Network Texas Membership has been canceled. This can NOT be reversed.
One Last Email Notice will be sent within 4 Days BEFORE Cancellation to give you one last chance to get your Membership back in good status.
NOTE: If you wish to rejoin Network Texas, we welcome you back! You will need to sign up again.

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