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Please note that Network Texas does not provide for Refunds.

However, under extenuating circumstances a refund will be made. Note: No refund under any circumstances can be made for payments older than 120 days.

For your specific  situation to be considered for a refund you will need to do the following:

  1. Provide your Name and your the Organizations (Business) name that is the member.
  2. Provide details as to why you feel that a refund should be given. Be as detailed as possible.
  3. Provide the invoice number of payments you have made.

Send the details requested above to membership@networktexas.biz with the subject “Refund Request”. We must recieve your email no later than 120 days from the date of the invoice you have requested to be refunded.

Your specific situation will need to be reviewed and discussed by the Network Texas Board. So please allow for up to 45 days for a decision to be made.

If your request is approved, your refund will need to be applied to the credit card you used to pay your invoice. If that account is no longer available to be used, then a check will be issued minus the credit card fees charged by our merchant service provider.

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