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Please Note – This information is No Longer True – On July 1, 2018, Network Texas Membership Rates changed for ALL Members (except Grandfathered Members). Please See this article Membership Rates Lowered on July 1, 2018

ALL Network Texas Members in Good Standing Can Attend Any Chapter and Give a Spotlight at Any Chapter!

If you were a Member of any membership type in good standing on January 19, 2018, you are now eligible to attend any Network Texas sanctioned Chapter. And you are also eligible to give a Spotlight at any chapter. You must get with the Chapter Leader of the Chapter you wish to schedule your Spotlight.

As of Friday, January 19, 2018, the following Network Texas Memberships will no longer be offered:

  • All Access
  • Chapter Access
  • Website Only Access

The $30 One Time Administrative Fee (for new members and expired memberships) will no longer be charged on and after this date as well.

All Existing Members in good standing will have all the privileges and rights of the new membership regardless of previous membership type you had/hold currently.

The NEW Membership is called the B.I.G. Membership.
(Business Is Good Membership)
B.I.G. Membership is for a period of 1 year at $299 a year.
(Quarterly payments available)

B.I.G. Membership Benefits:

  • Attend any Network Texas Chapter of choice for as many times as you wish (still must claim a Home Chapter)
  • Give Spotlight at any Chapter (must schedule with Chapter Leader in advance)
  • Allowed to have 2 additional Employees or Authorized Marketing Representatives added to your membership.

Existing Members and Transitions

When your existing membership term expires (all memberships are for one year term) you will be converted over to the new B.I.G. Membership.

Commons Questions

Will My Login Username and Password Stay The Same?

Yes. No Changes to your Account Login

What are the New Membership Dues Amount?

Annual Dues are $299 a year.
Quarterly payment of the annual dues will be $74.75 a Quarter.

What about the One Time $30 Administrative Fee

Gone as Well!

I Just Joined, Can I get a Refund of the $30 Administrative Fee?

Sorry, this new Policy went into effect on January 19, 2018, Only if you joined on or after that day and for some strange reason you were charged the $30 fee, then only then would you get the refund. Contact membership@networktexas.biz if you have a Membership issue.

Are There Any Limitations On How Many Times I Can Attend a Chapter?

No, there is not. Attend any Chapter as many times as you like.

Two or More of Us at Same Company Have Separate Memberships – Can we now Combine the Memberships?

No, not at the current old Membership. You would need to change to the NEW B.I.G. Membership. Request further details if that is what you would like to do.

When Will I Be Charged the New B.I.G. Membership Rate?

At the end of your current Billing period. Your Profile will show when this ends.

How will I Schedule My Spotlight?

Spotlight Scheduling is handled by the Chapter Leader. For the Tomball Chapter, you will need to Schedule with Cyndy Justice cyndy.justice@networktexas.biz.

I Have a Grandfathered Rate – Will My Rate Go Up?

We have members that have been with Network Texas before 2016. Those Members helped get Network Texas started and they have been given a Grandfather rate for as long as they remain a Network Texas Member and do not cancel their membership. The current membership is the “B.I.G. Grandfathered Membership” and the Grandfathered Rate will remain in effect until further notice. However, all Network Texas Grandfather Members will benefit from the new B.I.G. Membership.

I am Currently a Website Only Access Member Will My Membership Be Converted?

Yes, but as previously stated not until your billing cycle comes to an end. Unless you cancel, you will be converted over automatically to the new Membership and rate.

How Many Employees Can I have associated with My B.I.G. Membership?

You can have up to a total of 3 people. So that would be you plus 2 others. Add your employees via your Network Texas Account Dashboard via your Profile.




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