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Updated July 28, 2018

When you sign up for a Network Texas Membership you are signing up for one year. You will have the option to pay your membership dues Annually (in one payment) or Quarterly (4 payments). But your membership is for one year.

If you wish to change Recurring Billing from Annual to Quarterly or Quarterly to Annual. OR if you wish to change to Automatic Renewal you can simply do this from your account. And here is how:


  1. Login to your Network Texas Account by clicking “Member Login” at top of the page. And at the Login page just log in.
  2. Once in your account, you will be on the “About” tab by default. Scroll Down the page until you see the Current Membership block and click “Renew, Upgrade or Update Billing” button.
    Change Billing Period of a Membership Step02
  3. Now from the selections that will appear you will be able to select Quarterly or Annual and if you want “Autopayment” where your credit card on file will be autocharged on your Due Date, or “Not Autopaid” meaning you must log in and pay your membership dues when due.
    So Example, let’s say you are set to “Not Autopaid” and Quarterly payments. And you wish to switch to Annual Payment and put your renewal on Autopayment. That is simple to do, just click the “B.I.G. Membership Annual Payment – Autopayment”.
    Change Billing Period of a Membership Step03
  4. Now all All you need to do is fill in the Credit Card information (A) and click the (B) “Save & Continue” button and you are done. Then on your next renewal date which is shown (C) at the top, your membership dues will automatically renew.
    Change Billing Period of a Membership Step04

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