How to look like a Pro on LinkedinWhile LinkedIn isn’t the most popular social media platform for many, with 467 million total number of users, it certainly is an impressive option for online networking.

Additionally, 40% of users use LinkedIn daily, and 41% of millionaires use LinkedIn, so it’s quite likely that your audience can be found on LinkedIn.

So what can you do to make sure you’re using LinkedIn correctly?

Do remember that LinkedIn is a professional online networking platform.

–While you want to establish relationships with your connections, remember that you need to keep it professional like you would at the office. It is considered extremely rude and unprofessional to send provocative messages or comments or to use LinkedIn as simply a dating site.

Do have a complete profile.

–Remember to fill out your profile as completely as you can. The more information you have on there, the more likely you’ll come up in searches.

–Make sure your profile also gives details about your company and not just yourself.

–Remember to select your skills, too. LinkedIn discovered a 13x increase in profile views for LinkedIn members who list skills on their profiles.

Do connect with people ASAP.

–It’s not considered creepy on LinkedIn to connect with a new business connection right after meeting them. You’ll be fresh on their mind, and they’re more likely to accept your connection request.

Do send a personal note when requesting a connection.

–You’re much more likely to get someone to accept your connection request when you include a personal note in that request. Remind them of where you met, things you might have in common such as connection or universities or something you like about them like a book they wrote.

Do ask for an introduction or recommendation if you can.

LinkedIn research indicates that buyers are 5X more likely to engage with salespeople who are introduced through someone in their network versus someone who reaches out randomly. It’s also said that there is a 22X more favorable impression of those who are introduced through someone they know compared to random requests.

Do engage with others.

–Just because someone accepts your connection request, that doesn’t mean they like you, they know anything about you or that they want to buy from you. Just like in real life, people buy from people they like. So, you must actively engage with them in a “non-salesy” manner BEFORE pitching them. If you send a sales pitch to someone soon after connecting with them, you’re sure to give a bad impression. People don’t care about your product until they know how much you care. So, like their posts, comment with genuine comments that contribute to the conversation and start building that rapport.

Do use LinkedIn to find a job and new employees.

–Connect with recruiters and begin to engage with them if you’re looking for a job. If you’re looking for new talent to add to your team, don’t hesitate to reach out to people you find on LinkedIn. Be sure to include information that makes it clear to your new prospect that you’re not creepy and that you have a genuine job opening within your company. Consider including the link to the job listing in your message.

Do connect with people who work where you’d like to work.

–Connect and engage with people who work where you’d like to work someday. This could help give you some insight about working there, new job openings and could perhaps help them recognize your name if they hear the hiring manager say your name.

Do be consistent.

–Just like any relationship, it takes time. So, be patient, be consistent and DON’T be pushy.

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