Spotlight Requirements & Etiquette

Only Current Network Texas Members are allowed to give Spotlights. You will be given 20 minutes for your presentation (and  5 minutes for Q & A).

You are allowed to share about yourself, discuss your business, products and any other services you offer. Its your time, use it wisely.

TIP: It's certainly possible you will get sells from those in attendance. However, the real power of your presentation you should be addressing the attendees in such a way they are eager to refer you to their customers and other business associates. That's the real benefit!

And yes make sure to have a compelling offer to offer to the attendees if applicable.

Door Prize - While not required, Spotlight Etiquette states that the person giving the Spotlight will provide a valuable door prize to be given away. If you wish this to be a special give away discuss beforehand with the Location Facilitator.

Remember Arrive EARLY - Do not make the Location Facilitator wonder if you will be there, plan on showing up at least 10 mins early or earlier. If you have a PowerPoint and need Audio/Video show up a minimum of 20 minutes early for set up and testing. (Network Texas does not guarantee having A/V equipment available).

Fill out the form below, allowing at LEAST 10 days in advance to provide time to promote your event and coordinate it. If all possible let us know at least a month in advance!

Once you fill out the form below, and submit allow 1 to 2 business days to hear back with a confirmation and any questions we might have. Thanks and Looking forward to YOUR Spotlight!

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