A handshake is a great way to begin a relationship and we know that there is a strong correlation between a firm handshake and making a good first impression for both men and women. So what characterizes a firm handshake? The strength and vigor of the handshake, as well as eye contact, and a “completeness of the grip” or what I call an adult to adult handshake. Certainly not a finger handshake.

Linda Talley What Hand Shakes Say About YouI have found that not many people think about the handshake they use to meet and greet people and therefore, their handshake is consistent over time and can be related to his or her personality. The question to ask now is—is it the handshake that makes a good first impression?

People with a firm handshake appear more extraverted and open to experience. People with a limp or less firm handshake appear to be more shy and introverted. So many people will judge you/your personality on your handshake. Again, the question I ask—is it the handshake you want to make a good first impression?

There are also gender differences in a handshake. Men generally have a firmer handshake than women. However, women with a firm handshake are perceived to be more liberal, smarter, and open to new experiences and make a good first impression than women with a less firm handshake.

Women who give a firm handshake with business contacts or on employment interviews are effectively  providing a subtle form of self-promotion that does not have a negative connotation associated with it as far less subtle forms of self promotion.

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